All You Need to Know About Grassroots Marketing

Chances are you're here because you're wondering what grassroots marketing is and how you can use it...chances are you already are using it and don't realize it. I'll explain EVERYTHING!

What is grassroots marketing?

Grassroots marketing is a creative marketing strategy that...

  1. uses minimal resources

  2. reaches a target audience or a group of specific people

…and encourages them to take action. NOTE: Other terms for grassroots marketing are guerrilla, ambient or experiential marketing.

Is grassroots marketing rooted in politics?

Yes, but don't worry, this doesn't mean you have to go door-to-door campaigning or anything {unless that's your thing}. It simply means that the strategy has evolved from political campaigns and now applies to marketing campaigns that start from the ground up. Political leaders {and also business owners} find creative ways to do more with fewer resources, rolling up their sleeves and marketing themselves/business effectively and either...

  • spark change {change up a current routine or a product/service that makes life easier}

  • encourage movements {also new trends}

  • act {to share/recommend or buy}

How does it work?

Grassroots marketing is done by reaching a small, targeted group, then expanding into a larger group of people through a social interaction.

These days this is easier to do because of social media and really digital marketing in general for both brick and mortars as well as online businesses. In the political arena, this has been a movement that has started small locally and grown larger regionally and sometimes nationally. The same method is applied here for growing businesses by moving customers towards products or services being sold.

Instead of pouring thousands into a large campaign that markets to the masses using paid media, you narrow down to target a small group of people with specific interests in your local area first using compelling content and a smaller budget. Creating content that will connect well with your target is key here, so much so they can’t help but share what you're doing AND spread the word to a much larger group of people.

Typically, this can look like anything from a...

  • social media share/tag or recommendation {to an}

  • in-person referral from a family member or friend

...which sparks someone to act or change what they are doing with a trendy new product or service. To take this a step further, your content should also encourage people to do a certain thing like...

  • visit our website

  • call for details

  • schedule an appointment

  • book a consultation

  • check in store

{the list goes on}. NOTE: These are examples of different call to action(s).

As a result, you will reach those that have the same interests and are more likely to do business with you, which grows your target audience.

Grassroots marketing and websites

What's the connection? Gosh, every business needs a website. When I first got into this, I knew designing websites the traditional way, meaning custom-built sites with endless HTML coding wasn't something I wanted to do {I'm a designer after all!}. You have to pay big bucks for those types of websites {often tens of thousands of dollars} and quite frankly they wouldn't best serve the small businesses I wanted to work with.

I started to think outside of the box...

My clients needed a solution that was affordable, easy to navigate, and allowed them the flexibility of updating content when they needed, so using a website builder like Wix made sense. It allows me to do what I do best, design quality websites in a fraction of the time for less.

Learn more about Wix here

There are some designers and agencies that still operate using more of the traditional model {and that's okay because there are still people that need that}, but small businesses and entrepreneurs are moving away from that because of the advanced capabilities that website builders have.

The challenge

Everyone is expected to have a website, yet not everyone has the skills or time. While the process has gotten easier thanks in large part to website builders, it can still be pretty overwhelming to those that aren't as comfortable around computers. For those that are, deciding to DIY a site on their own is a BIG deal. It takes time and marketing insight to really make it work.

If this is something you are struggling with, that's where I come in! Grassroots Creative Company makes quality websites for all mom-built businesses so you can burn bright, not out. Have more questions than answers {especially if you're a DIYer}? Drop me an email at

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In case you're wondering who I am...

Nice to meet you! I'm Melonie.

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