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Furry BFF  always at my side.

By the way, this is Graycie. Just like everyone else in my family, she's been with me from the start!

Hi, nice to meet you!

I'm Mel! Web Designer + Miracle Worker

I design meaningful online experiences -for- women READY to grow their businesses, all from my judgment-free studio outside of Cleveland. Websites are rooted in elegant designs and inspirational words. Confidently launch the website you need and look your very best!




I'm going to help you take back your time so you can do MORE of what you love.

You are a go-getter! You get after it in life and business, but you’re struggling with your website right now.

Let me guess...

Another DIY project of sorts, you thought you could use one of those gorgeous templates you’ve been swooning over on Pinterest and knock this out after hours. 

Unfortunately, this DIY snowballed into a TON of extra work that you just don’t have the space for. You’re already burning the midnight oil, plus do you really need to be an expert in EVERYTHING? 

I get it! There's this pressure to do it ALL even in business, but not to the point of burning out {I learned that the hard way}. Don't get me wrong, I love a good DIY…macrame, furniture, plant stands, but I save that stuff for the weekend.

Owning a business takes guts and time, so much time.

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I CAN help!


RANDOM FACT: My husband & I met at a coffee shop

LOVES: Gardening

TOP OF MY BUCKET LIST: Visiting ALL the nat. parks

TV ADDICTION: Bridgerton



You need a pro, and I’m your lady! A computer nerd at heart, I started designing on my Packard Bell when I was 11. That passion led me to study web design and writing in undergrad and earn my master’s in marketing and communication. After working a 9-5 for 12+ years, I opened Grassroots Creative Company in 2018 from my home studio, and the rest is history.


The point is, I genuinely love web design, and I actually have fun doing it! I know how frustrating it can be trying to do something on your own, while running a business at the same time. Burnout is no joke! And also how difficult it can be to find the right person to partner with, someone that cares just as much as you do. The truth is, women need more online support than ever to navigate the challenges of doing business. That's why I'm so passionate about women supporting women and working together with you!


Let's do this together.


Finding support online from other women is HUGE, but it's not always easy. 

That's why women supporting women is SO important. My hope is that we CAN make it easier by building strong relationships with each other and clients. 

When you work with Grassroots Creative Company, together we'll form a genuine one-on-one partnership built on kindness, respect, understanding, and accountability without any form of hatred, judgment, or unprofessional behavior.  

It's time to stop feeling overwhelmed, the Grassroots design process is MANAGEABLE, FUN, and EASY.  We've got this!


Ready  to get started?