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Rooted in community

Grassroots marketing explained

Grassroots marketing is marketing rooted in community. By targeting your potential customers, instead of marketing to the masses, this marketing model allows small businesses to reach the right customers interested in their product or service at a low cost. As a result, customers help businesses flourish by spreading the word to a larger group of people. Today that could look like anything from a social media share or recommendation to an in-person referral from a family member or friend.

To summarize, grassroots marketing is about rolling up your sleeves and using what time and resources you have to market yourself or business effectively. It relies heavily on creating valuable content that connects you to your customers while making a name for yourself in the community you serve.

Melonie {yes, spelled with an 'o'} Mottice is the owner, designer and marketing expert behind Grassroots Creative Company. She has over a decade of experience in both print and digital marketing for companies and small businesses across the country, and holds a master’s in Marketing & Communication. Melonie has worked for an email marketing company, a marketing firm and two large media corporations where she perfected her skills in graphic design, content writing, social media, email marketing, advertising and public relations. A true Midwesterner at heart, she loves helping small businesses thrive and coaching her clients on all things marketing.


The challenge

Both new and established businesses can create a strong brand image using grassroots marketing strategies but aren't sure where to begin. The "free" content marketing tools out there can be difficult to learn without some guidance, and a lot of business owners have limited time…they are running a business after all. That’s where we come in!

Our role

Grassroots Creative Company, LLC works alongside small businesses, nonprofits, entrepreneurs and creative professionals to grow their brands by providing remarkable website and graphic design services at an affordable price. Clients are provided with everything they need to kickstart their company and are coached on how to grow their business.

Your role

Chances are you are here because hiring a full-time marketing person is not feasible, and that's okay. Coaching our clients is what we do best, and you will be responsible for taking an active role in creating marketing content for your business even after we get you up and running.


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